“Mama Bear” Freshie

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Freshen up your car with these cute and smelly air fresheners.

COLORS ARE NOT ALWAYS AS PICTURED. You can request a color but I can't promise you'll get that color.

How long does the scent last?
Every scent can last a different amount of time. Stronger fragrances can last about 3-4 weeks while the softer scents don't last as long. You will eventually get use to the scent and you might think that it's worn out but if it hasn't hit that 3-4 week mark then it's still good! Others will still be able to smell it! The scents are stronger in the summer rather that the winter because the heat helps dissipate the aroma. The scents last longer in the winter but are not as strong when compared to the summer months. In the summer they are stronger but don't last as long. Freshie prices vary depending on size.


Freshies can take up to 5-7 days to ship, but usually sooner.


WARNING: Do not place on dash. Do not set on plastic or wood surfaces. These are meant to hang only! Do not ingest. Use Caution: These can melt in extreme temperatures! We are not responsible to replace your freshener if it melts. We are not responsible for any damages it could cause.